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To begin planning you new home, bring your sketches and ideas. We will discuss and review them and help you with the building options that will stay within your budget. We visit your home site in order to get the feel of the land and see how you want your home to set. The design phase is broken down into three phases: preliminary drawings, development of the concepts and the construction documents.

The two key elements that set us apart in the design phase are communication and budget. We are detail-oriented, cater to our clients, know their demographics and make sure the project we design is made to suit them not ourselves. This keeps our customers satisfied and gives us the opportunity to design beautiful useful homes. For a small deposit we will, as a team, work out a CUSTOM DESIGN that suits your lifestyle and needs, and will fit your budget. If you want a timber frame or log home you can choose the full handcrafted style of timber frame or log home, or go with a "machined" timber frame or "milled" logs. We offer the full range of styles in timber frame, post and beam, log or the traditional home with log or timber frame highlights know as a hybrid. You get YOUR STYLE home NOT ONE FROM A PLAN BOOK OR A KIT you get one that is UNIQUELY YOURS. The design process can take as little as three to four weeks; however, in most cases it generally takes two to three months. The sooner we get started the better. We then draft the preliminary drawings, and once you approve your design, official architectural and construction drawings are started. When your drawings are complete we are now ready to build.



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